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Step 1: Celebrate the Arrival

Upon receiving your Dnoodle®, rejoice in the arrival of your new confidante. This is the start of a beautiful relationship built on trust and stability.

Step 2: Check for Components

The Dnoodle® consists of two main components: the magnetic cup holder with a robust stainless steel rim, and the versatile, UV-stabilized steel base. Ensure all parts are present to proceed with the setup.

Step 3: Marvel at the Magnetism

Pause to appreciate the magnet’s splendid power. With a gentle twist, you can feel the release that separates it from its base. This sensation is both reassuring and addictive – but remember, Dnoodle® is a cup holder, not a fidget toy … unless you’re holding a fidget!

Finding the Right Spot: Where to Magnetize Your Dnoodle®

The beauty of the Dnoodle® lies not only in its construction but also in its adaptability. Where you place your Dnoodle® will depend on the adventure you’re about to embark upon – be it a stationary office day or the high-seas. With a little creativity, you can magnetize your cup nearly anywhere.

Office Oasis

For the working warrior, the home office or cubicle serves as the ideal habitat. Find an unused vertical surface, preferably close to your workspace, free from clumsy elbows but within coffee’s reach.

Boat Beauty

Navigating the high seas doesn’t mean you have to navigate down to your cabin to find a solid surface. The Dnoodle® adheres perfectly to boat walls, providing a splash-free sanctuary for your beverages.

Gaming Grotto

In the realm of gaming, the Dnoodle® can be your loyal sidekick. Install it within your gaming lair, ensuring a swift and spill-free refueling station for the caffeine that powers your late-night quests.

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