Discover Dnoodle®, the Magnetic Marvel That Secures Your Sips

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Have you met Dnoodle®? It’s not just any holder; it’s a spill-fighting superhero dressed in sleek polycarbonate, wielding the strength of aerospace-grade magnets. Imagine a world where “oops” moments are a thing of the past, where coffee spills are extinct, and your devices remain as dry as the Sahara. For just USD $38.95, this isn’t a fantasy—it’s your new reality with Dnoodle®.

* Insulated cup for display purposes only, sold separately.

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Why Dnoodle® Stands Out

  • Magnetic Might: Hold up to 7kg of your favorite beverage or gadgets without breaking a sweat—or spilling a drop.
  • Twist To Release: Simple yet mind-blowing. A smart twist nullifies the magnetic lock, detaching without the drama of spills.
  • Stick It Anywhere: Thanks to its durable 3M adhesive base, set up camp on almost any surface—even underwater—and forget about it for a decade.
  • Tough Cookie: UV-resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel (the 316 kind), ready to brave the elements alongside you.
  • Multitaskers Delight: Cups, tablets, cameras—if you can think it, Dnoodle® can hold it. Versatility is its middle name.

Crafted for both sea adventurers and homebodies alike, Dnoodle® is redefining the way we keep drinks at bay and devices safe. It’s for those moments when your cat acts like a bowling ball in the china shop of your work desk. For the days when boat waves conspire against your morning joe. This is Dnoodle®—your steadfast sentinel in the quest for spill-free surfaces everywhere.

The brains behind this ingenious contraption understood the daily dance with gravity and sought to choreograph a spill-proof performance. With a swipe of UV-stabilized expertise and a dash of stainless steel resilience, they brought forth Dnoodle®, where design meets purpose, and function meets fun.

Adding a Dnoodle® to your life means no more cradling cups like newborns, and every sip you take can be with confidence. Hug those tight corners, bust those dance moves, and yes, even gesticulate wildly during heated discussions. Dnoodle® has got your back, securing your essentials with the poise of an unflappable butler.

Ready to bid adieu to splash disasters and clutter catastrophes? Journey over to where the magic happens and snag your very own Dnoodle® magnetic holding system. It’s a small investment toward a future where the only thing dripping is the praise for your impeccably clean and organized space. Get yours today and become the spill-free champion you were always meant to be!

Risk of laughter and improved quality of life may occur upon use. Dnoodle® is not responsible for increased smugness due to living a spill-free lifestyle.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 4.5 cm

7 reviews for Discover Dnoodle®, the Magnetic Marvel That Secures Your Sips

  1. Damon

    This is a fantastic product! I own two boats, one 6.5m trailer boat and a 13.5m yacht. They work wonders especially in rough weather. When it comes to placing your cups in a very secure location, you can’t beat it, whether it’s my beer or coffee either inside or out in the cockpit. No more worrying about spillages over my very expensive electronics when navigating. When fishing, you can have a drink right beside you and feel confident it’s not going anywhere whilst fighting a fish. Very clever design! Highly recommended for the seagoing fraternity and no doubt many other applications.

  2. jeremy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Dnoodle in my studio for a few weeks, and it’s a life saver. I didn’t expect to love it this much, but it’s now become like second nature. Very clever design, and just blends right into my studio. I think i’m going to need to get some more to use around the place!

  3. Daniel Shaw

    The doodle ticks some boxes for me as I needed a product which would secure my drinks to the helm of my boat. Plus it kinda feels like I’m ahead of the game with the clever design.
    I’m sure I’m going to get another for my growing sons computer desk…

  4. Mitch Porch

    I have a Dnoodle at my work desk and I paired it with my Owala water bottle. I’m a fan! It’s a simple yet elegant product! It securely holds my water bottle and is easy to remove with a twist to release. I also have a problem with not drinking enough water.. When my red Dnoodle base is missing its mate, I know I need to go find my water bottle and put it in its place. This is seriously helping me with my drinking problem. Thank you Dnoodle!

  5. Praj

    Working around computers, the Dnoodle is a must-have! I’ve bumped my coffee quite a few times since installing it on my desk but, with the power of cool aerospace magnets, I know my drink isn’t going anywhere! No more messy (and sometimes costly) spills.

  6. Toni Collier (verified owner)

    I have a home office and a small child. Dnoodle has saved my desk and laptop from becoming submerged a couple of times already. Before I was anxious about leaving my drink next to my workspace with a small clumsy child lurking nearby. Now I don’t worry.

  7. Rachel (verified owner)

    This product is revolutionary and a real game changer. So handy to use on our boat and camper. Keeps everything safe and spill free.

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