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Frequently asked questions

Where can I put my Dnoodle®?

Dnoodle® is designed to securely adhere to any stable, level, and smooth surface. Ideal for use on boats, SUPs, kayaks, and more. It also serves as a valuable addition to your desk, helping prevent spills on your valuable computer equipment.

Is the Dnoodle® dishwasher safe?

Although the Dnoodle® is crafted for durability in challenging conditions, it is not suitable for dishwasher use. Placing the base in the dishwasher can cause damage to the Dnoodle® and will also nullify your warranty. It is imperative that the Dnoodle® should never be placed in the dishwasher under any circumstances.

Can I put a Dnoodle® base outside?

Certainly. Your Dnoodle® is resistant to UV rays and water, and we’ve utilized 316 stainless steel to mitigate corrosion, even in saltwater environments.

Can I move my Dnoodle®?

To detach your Dnoodle® base from its current location, it is recommended to remove the adhesive using fishing wire or a plastic spatula. Gently slide the tool under the base to break the adhesive bond.

While there may be residue remaining on the surface where your Dnoodle® was positioned, you can effectively address it with a goo remover. Additional 3M adhesive tape can be obtained from the website for replacement purposes.

What is the warranty on my Dnoodle®?

Your Dnoodle® is backed by a three-year warranty on all its components. Please note that the warranty does not extend to cover damages or misuse.

Can I use my cup or cooler without the base?

Certainly! The cup attachment is designed to rest securely on any flat surface. While the Dnoodle® cup component will adhere to any ferrous (steel) surface, it functions merely as a standard magnet, potentially leading to spillage. For the twist release function and optimal holding force, the base is essential.

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