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Our Story

Nestled in central Queensland, Australia, we are a family with a profound love for the sea. One memorable day, we embarked on a ferry ride to Keppel Island off the coast of Yeppoon, accompanied by friends. Loaded with a cooler box of treats, pool noodles for leisurely floating in Keppel Bay's pristine waters, and our two enthusiastic children, we anticipated a delightful day trip.

During this excursion in early 2019, a revelation occurred that could potentially enhance relaxation and enjoyment in the water with the addition of a device we had only imagined. Though exhausted upon our return home, the difference was palpable – we had an idea and a newfound optimism about creating this product.

Our initial prototypes were rudimentary, crafted from household items and numerous hardware store visits. Early on, we encountered a component connection issue. Undeterred, we remained confident in our ability to resolve it. Then life took an unexpected turn – a life-threatening health issue emerged. Kristy, faced with Stage 3 breast cancer, exhibited unwavering strength and determination, ultimately triumphing over the formidable challenge.

Post-treatment, life gradually returned to normal, yet the idea persisted in our minds. We dedicated ourselves to solving the challenges. Extensive research led us to a breakthrough – a technology that could be tailored to meet our specifications. Determined to turn this concept into reality, we committed to making it a full-time endeavor, embracing the inevitable struggles.

Sixty-five prototypes later, questions arose about manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Undaunted, we delved into the complexities, confident in our ability to overcome any obstacle. The journey became a deep dive into the unknown, an exploration filled with learning, global connections, and the forging of new friendships. The adventure had just begun, with our design serving as a foundational component for a diverse and unique range of products yet to come.

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Scott and Kristy

The phrase "Made on Earth by Earthlings" reflects the collaborative efforts of an incredible global team that worked tirelessly to bring our product to the world. Our message to those with ideas is simple – go for it, live for now, and if we can do it, so can you.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our key contributors and their teams: Atul, Fabian, Emma, Mitchell, Praj, Nellie, Roman, Jeremy, Justin, Joe, Jacob, Victor

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