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Want to steer clear of spills, prevent damage, and avoid the risk of hot liquid burns or possible electrocution? Choose Dnoodle® for an innovative solution that keeps your worries at bay.

Introducing Dnoodle, the innovative and slightly ingenious magnetic cup holder that serves as your extra hand during those “hold my drink” moments. Designed in Australia by a family-owned company, Dnoodle aims to reduce those unfortunate “oops” moments we’ve all experienced.

Dnoodle operates as a two-part system. One part is permanently affixed to your favorite cup or insulated cooler, while the other is securely attached to any solid, sealed, flat surface of your choice – providing a reliable spot to secure your drink. Crafted with UV-stabilized components and 316 stainless steel, Dnoodle is ideal for various settings, including marine environments, workplaces, or at home.

Unlike regular magnets that snap together requiring a forceful jerk to separate, Dnoodle utilizes unique aerospace magnets and a patent-pending design. This innovative approach enables the magnet to release with a twisting motion, eliminating the risk of sudden snaps and spills.

Dnoodle plays a crucial role in spill prevention, whether you’re safeguarding your precious computer equipment or keeping your boat spill-free. The question remains: can you afford not to have a Dnoodle?

* Insulated cup for display purposes only, sold separately.

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